Talking about Sex... Vicki Lewis Thompson

Talking about Sex…

It’s Katie Peterson’s job to be a mouthy DJ, but being mouthy just got personal. Jess Harkins has started construction on a sixty-story office tower next to Katie’s quaint local radio station. She’d hate his building anyway who needs another high-rise? But Katie especially dislikes having her view blocked by the guy who turned down the chance to be her “first”. So it’s time for a little payback…

Jess always got a laugh at Katie’s irreverent on-air comments. He’d even thought of asking her out…for old-time’s sake. But no Katie’s barbs are directed at him – implying that any man driven to build a structure this high is obviously compensating for something…Jess has only one thing to say to Katie, and it isn’t something he can just phone in. It’s time to turn the radio off…and turn Katie on!



Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson

Series: Harlequin Blaze Book 210

Rating: 3.65 out of 5



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