Killer Cowboy Charm Vicki Lewis Thompson

Killer Cowboy Charm

TV talk show host Meg Delaney needs a surefire way to boost ratings. Her solution? To introduce her viewers to “The Hottest Cowboy in the West”–once she finds him that is. Luckily, after one trip to the Circle W Ranch, Meg finds her man. . .because they don’t come any hotter than rancher Clint Walker! Only, before sharing him with her audience, Meg can’t resist keeping this lean, hard cowboy all to herself for a while…

There’s no way Clint is going to strut his stuff on national television–even for a gorgeous woman like Meg. Still, he’d be a fool not to park his boots beside her bed for a few nights. . .After all, Meg isn’t the first woman to fall for his killer cowboy charm. But she’s about to be the last.



Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson

Series: Harlequin Temptation Book 1000

Rating: 3.32 out of 5



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