After Hours Vicki Lewis Thompson

After Hours

For years, levelheaded lawyer Eileen Connolly has been fighting a reckless craving–for sex with a stranger. Well, it’s now or never. She’s about to commit to her boyfriend–a decent guy who’s as irresistible as an unglazed doughnut. All she wants is one wild, adventurous night. After that, she’ll be ready to settle into predictability.

Then gorgeous Shane Nichols shows up at Eileen’s office to fix the phones. In his tight jeans and tool belt, he’s a walking, talking, chocolate-glazed, cream-filled éclair. And suddenly one night doesn’t seem like enough to satisfy Eileen’s craving for something so wickedly delicious….



Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson

Series: Harlequin Blaze Book 102

Rating: 3.92 out of 5



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