Acting On Impulse Vicki Lewis Thompson

Acting On Impulse

Small-town girl Trudy Baxter is ready to take on New York City. She’s looking for excitement, adventure…and incredible sex! She wants to experience every little thing–and every type of man–the city has to offer. Her first target–sexy Wall Street hunk Linc Faulkner. Only, once she gets Linc into her bed, she’s reluctant to let him go….

Linc Faulkner has never met anybody like Trudy. She’s so spirited, so sexy, so damn uninhibited! She’s his every fantasy in the flesh. Only, Linc knows he’s just the first man on Trudy’s sexual wish list. So what else can he do but convince her that he can be anyman she’ll ever want–and the only man she’ll ever need….



Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson

Series: Harlequin Blaze Book 21

Midnight Fantasies Book 2

Rating: 3.39 out of 5



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